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EMDR Remote Tactile Buzzers

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Jan 01, 2023
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Now, you can help clients heal with tactile bilateral stimulation – remotely!

These Remote Tactile Buzzers are incredibly easy to use yet provide ultimate flexibility. Clients can simply plug them into their laptop's USB port and connect with you using a unique link to a secure session on the website.

You have complete control over the intensity, speed, and duration - customize to best meet each client’s individual needs – using the free website portal. The portal also includes visual and auditory BLS options you can synchronize with the buzzers or use on their own.

Hear what therapists are saying about EMDR Remote Tactile Buzzers…

"Your BLS tool is so easy and user-friendly. Thanks for making such an awesome product!"

- Rebecca K., LCSW, RYT

"My clients much prefer your BLS tool over me moving my fingers back and forth in front of the camera. Thank you!"

- Timothy Y., MA, LPC, LCDC

"I really like the versatility of the tactile buzzers—I can use them in both a remote and an in-person setting"

- Leslie P., LMSW, PMH-C, NIC

Discover how incredible these buzzers really are!  Order today and help clients reprocess traumatic memories and find profound healing and transformation – no matter where they are. 

For more information or a tutorial, visit the FAQ page.

Product details:

  • Remote tactile buzzers (controlled through website)
  • Works with any video conferencing program (Zoom, SimplePractice, Doxy, MS Teams, Google Meet, etc.)
  • HIPAA compliant
  • CE and FCC certified
  • Easy access to customer support
  • Hassle-free 1-year warranty



Satisfaction Guarantee
Your satisfaction is our goal and our guarantee. Concerns should be addressed to: PO Box 1000, Eau Claire, WI 54702-1000 or call 1-800-844-8260.

ADA Needs
We would be happy to accommodate your ADA needs; please call our Customer Service Department for more information at 1-800-844-8260.

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