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The Anxiety, Worry & Depression Workbook

65 Exercises, Worksheets & Tips to Improve Mood and Feel Better

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Jennifer L. Abel, PhD
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Jan 30, 2018
PESI Publishing
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It’s hard to fight back against anxiety, worry and depression … and it’s even harder to face and overcome those fears by yourself.

That’s why anxiety expert Jennifer Abel, PhD, has compiled an interactive workbook that will help you tame anxiety, worry and depression. Backed with science and over 25 years of clinical experience, this easy-to-use guide is full of practical, proven worksheets, self-monitoring forms, exercises and scripts for you to start changing your habits, and start changing your life.

Proven Strategies for:

  • Worry (it causes anxiety and depression)
  • General anxiety disorder
  • Depression
  • Perfectionism
  • Procrastination
  • Superstitious thinking
  • Hypochondriasis
  • Catastrophic thinking
  • Saying no

— Therapist Guide to help clients go deeper into the workbook 
— Access to free mindfulness recordings



Jennifer L. Abel, PhD's Profile

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Jennifer L. Abel, PhD, international speaker, author and clinical psychologist, has specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders for over 20 years. Before opening a private practice, she served as the associate director of the Stress and Anxiety Disorders Institute at Penn State under the direction of the leading expert in Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), T.D. Borkovec.

Her first book, Active Relaxation (Self-Published, 2010), has received outstanding reviews from mental health care professionals and anxious readers alike. Her second book, Resistant Anxiety, Worry, and Panic: 86 Practical Treatment Strategies for Clinicians (PESI, 2014), has received praise from top experts in anxiety management. Jennifer is also the author of The Anxiety, Worry & Depression Workbook: 65 Exercises, Worksheets & Tips to Improve Mood and Feel Better (PESI, 2018) and the Melt Worry and Relax Card Deck: 56 CBT & Mindfulness Strategies to Release Anxiety (PESI, 2016).

Dr. Abel has published many articles in professional journals and wrote a pamphlet about GAD for ABCT. She has been quoted by several popular magazines (e.g., Health, Prevention, Glamour) for her expertise in Worry. Dr. Abel presents to the public (e.g., Working Women’s Survival Show), as well as professionals (e.g., Australian Psychological Society; Anxiety Disorder Association of America).


Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Jennifer Abel is in private practice. She receives royalties as a published author. Jennifer Abel receives a speaking honorarium and recording royalties from PESI, Inc. She has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.
Non-financial: Jennifer Abel has no relevant non-financial relationships.


"In this comprehensive yet easy-to-use format, Dr. Abel walks readers through a treasure-trove of tips and strategies likely to start helping right away. Dr. Abel's expertise in the research behind each of these exercises allows her to explain them in a way to readers can both understand and trust. I was very impressed by her ability to bring together insights from both mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral traditions in such a seamless and understandable way. Her inclusion of tips for therapists as well is a plus not found in most self-help books. This book is an excellent resource for anyone looking for ways to reverse old mental habits of worry that are leading to unnecessary anxiety and/or depression."
-Holly Hazlett-Stevens, PhD, Women Who Worry Too Much and Psychological Approaches to Generalized Anxiety Disorder


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