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Your clients with trauma and addiction are just one trigger away from relapse.

As a therapist, you can find yourself walking on eggshells, trying not to "cause" relapse...

But the latest research is clear.

Treating trauma and addiction at the same time is the key to your clients' long lasting recovery.

Fortunately, EMDR is the perfect therapy for simultaneous treatment success!

Harness the power of EMDR to treat even your most challenging dual-diagnosis clients by targeting the traumatic memories at the heart of your clients' addictions while reducing distress that could lead to relapse.

In this comprehensive course, you'll get the skills, specialized protocols, and step-by-step guidance you need to customize treatment with EMDR so you can:

  • Target the traumatic root causes that fuel addiction
  • Lower the risk of relapse by reducing clients' urges and cravings
  • Build new healthy coping mechanisms to help clients manage addiction
  • Integrate Parts Work, Somatic, & other modalities to treat your client's body, mind, and spirit
  • Accelerate trauma memory processing so clients can feel improvements right away
  • Start countering the wiring of addiction from the very first session
  • Repair traumatic attachment ruptures to reduce compulsive behaviors
This one-of-a-kind course will change how you work with trauma and addiction forever, so you can help dual diagnosis clients achieve life-changing outcomes.

EMDR for Trauma & Addiction

Safe and Stable Co-Occurring Treatment Strategies for Lasting Recovery

$839.96 Value
Only $299.99 Today!
Earn up to 21.0 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
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This unique course is taught by world leaders in the field of trauma and addiction including...

Megan Salar
Megan Salar, LCSW, ACADC, CCTP-II, EMDR-C, is a Certified EMDR Trainer who has helped thousands of clinicians internationally get education and training in EMDR. Megan owned and operated one of the largest substance abuse treatment centers in SE Idaho and has since developed best-practices for integrating EMDR into addiction treatment. She is also the author of the celebrated book EMDR Workbook for Trauma and PTSD: Skills to Manage Triggers, Move Beyond Traumatic Memories, and Take Back Your Life.
Rebecca Kase
Rebecca Kase, LCSW, is a sought-after EMDR consultant, trainer, and expert in treating complex trauma, renowned for her work with integrating Polyvagal-Informed strategies into EMDR. Rebecca has also developed accelerated and customized adaptations to help you tailor EMDR for your clients.
Gabor Maté
Gabor Maté, MD, bestselling author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction, is one of the most internationally acclaimed and influential voices in addiction and trauma treatment. Gabor's approach of Compassionate Inquiry teaches you how to help liberate your clients from addiction, depression, and trauma.
What You'll Learn

Gain the education and confidence to use EMDR to treat trauma and addiction simultaneously!
Learn to target and treat the root causes of both — without derailing therapy or leading to relapse.

Part I: EMDR for Co-Occurring Trauma and Addiction
Megan Salar, LCSW, ACADC, CCTP-II, EMDR-C | Click here for information about Megan Salar

In the first part of this training, you'll learn to use EMDR to get to the traumatic root causes and contributing factors of each client's addiction. Gain specialized and nuanced skills that you can use to individualize and customize treatment to achieve incredible results. Walk away with:

  • Clinical tools and guidance to use immediately to overcome resistance & treatment barriers
  • A roadmap to using EMDR to reduce urges, cravings, and lower their risk of relapse
  • Parts work integration to reconcile the sober and addicted self
  • Skills to use EMDR with addiction-specific memories
  • How to use the AIP lens in SUDs treatment
  • Training on EMDR protocols with an evidence base in reducing cravings, and desensitizing urges and desire for substances
...all while processing the traumas of their past!
Part II: Rapid EMDR: Customized Treatment to Target Symptoms and Achieve Rapid Results
Rebecca Kase, LCSW | Click here for information about Rebecca Kase

From Part II, you will gain training to accelerate EMDR treatment and Early EMDR Interventions (EEIs) so that you can start helping your clients from session one. Whether you're working in an inpatient facility or out-patient practice, you'll walk away with a customizable and nuanced framework to adapt EMDR to the exact goals of your client and the timeframe that makes sense for both of you. You'll learn:

  • 7 distress management techniques for specific EMDR treatment phases
  • How to create treatment plans that target specific experiences, symptoms, and event memories
  • 3 different models for modifying EMDR so you can tailor therapy to each unique client
  • Follow the lead of your client's nervous system by intervening with "choice points"
  • How memory functions after trauma and how you can impact your client's processing

Here's what your colleagues are saying about this course:

"I love Megan…her teaching and expertise allowed me to have a different outlook on using EMDR in my practice."
— Jessica J., Counselor
"I really appreciated Rebecca's presentation style. She is clearly very competent which is great. More importantly, she did a great job at translating her knowledge. Loved the videos, loved her clear organized teaching style. Loved her trauma informed approach to the training. She is excellent."
— Ashley A., Social Worker
"Absolutely wonderful and informative class. One of the only classes that I feel motivated to study afterwards!"
— Sharon G., Psychotherapist
EMDR for Trauma & Addiction
Safe & Stable Treatment

$839.96 Value
Just $299.99 Todays!

Earn up to 21.0 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
The Seven Myths of Addiction
Gabor Maté, MD | Click here for information about Gabor Maté

Join the bestselling author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction and international expert on trauma and addiction for training that explores:

  • What is the true source of addictions?
  • What happens chemically and physiologically in the brains of people with substance dependency or behavior addiction?
  • The false "blessings" of addiction as experienced by the addict.
  • Development of the addicted mind: how early childhood experiences shape the brain.
  • The social basis of addiction in economic, cultural, and political dislocation and disempowerment.
  • How much choice does the addict really have and how much responsibility?

Rethinking Addiction: The Integrative Harm Reduction Approach
Andrew Tatarsky, PhD | Click here for information about Andrew Tatarsky

Learn integrative harm reduction to psychotherapy that engages clients in therapy while they are actively using substances while addressing trauma and addiction simultaneously. Dr. Tatarksy shares a real clinical case of trauma and addiction to demonstrate this exceptionally successful approach to dual-diagnosis clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you've been recently trained in EMDR or you've been using it for years, there have been many cutting-edge advances and an expanding research base. You'll learn from this comprehensive training how to treat chronic, acute, and complex trauma while safely treating substance use disorders — at the same time. This type of training helps to reduce treatment times, reduce relapse, and makes therapy easier for you!

While once it was thought that going too far into a client's trauma could trigger relapse, we now know that it can be both safe and effective to use a multifaceted approach to dual-diagnosis treatment. In fact, when you have the cutting-edge education this training offers, you'll gain new confidence and skills that helps you: reduce client treatment times, reduce relapse, target specific addiction or trauma memories, and so much more!

Yes! Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so you can register for this training without risk. We're so confident that you'll learn from this course, but if you're not satisfied, call us at 800-844-8260. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We encourage you to take the time to explore the online video training, role-plays, insightful commentary, interventions, and examples — you will have compelling new clinical strategies that you can immediately start applying in your practice!

Immediately! As soon as you register, you'll have on-demand and unlimited access to all course materials.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Register for this intensive training course without risk. If you're not completely satisfied, give us a call at 800-844-8260.

We’re that confident you'll find this learning experience to be all that's promised and more than you expected.
EMDR for Trauma & Addiction
Safe Treatment for Lasting Recovery

$839.96 Value
Just $299.99 Today!
Earn up to 21.0 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for CE credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline

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