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Introducing our first ever EMDR Foundations course — a step-by-step training on how to use EMDR therapy to safely and effectively treat any kind of trauma.

Join two of the most sought-after Certified EMDR instructors, Arielle Schwartz and Megan Salar, as they teach you a highly empirically validated and rapid treatment... you can help clients gently reprocess trauma and free themselves from their painful pasts — with many clients experiencing significant improvement in just a few sessions.

Learn Megan and Arielle's distinctively integrative and client-led approach that will help you create a compassionate and customized healing environment for each unique client you treat.

Whether you're new to EMDR or looking for a refresher, this course is the perfect fit. When you register, you'll get:

  • A clear clinical roadmap to seamlessly implement all 8-phases of EMDR
  • Video demos with real clients and therapist-to-therapist commentary, so you know exactly what to expect in a session
  • Printable assessments, scales, scripts, and more to make therapy easier
  • Integrative techniques from IFS, somatic, and other in-demand approaches to overcome dissociation and other clinical roadblocks

This is your chance to take the first step in the journey to become an EMDR clinician and change your clients' lives forever.

EMDR from Start to Finish:

The Complete Foundational Training for Treating PTSD and Complex Trauma

$1,654.90 Value
Yours for only $299.99!
Plus, earn up to 35.75 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for CE credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline

What sets this training apart?

You'll learn directly from two of the most recognized names in EMDR training: Arielle Schwartz, PhD, CCTP-II, E-RYT, and Megan Salar, LCSW, ACADC, CCTP-II, EMDR-C. Both are best-selling authors and experienced EMDR-certified clinicians who have taught thousands of people just like you how to confidently and safely use EMDR.

Their distinctive approach to EMDR stands out among therapists and will make you stand out to clients. Megan and Arielle incorporate integrative somatic, Internal Family Systems, Parts Work, Gestalt, and other techniques into their training giving you a comprehensive skill set to overcome both common and uncommon therapy obstacles.

Our training program covers all the essentials of EMDR, but unlike other trainings, we don't stop at single-incident trauma. You'll learn to handle anything your caseload throws at you including complex trauma clients, chronic presentations, challenging co-occurring mental health diagnoses, and more. And with therapist-to-therapist clinical commentary between our two experts, you'll develop a deep understanding of why each intervention is chosen and how it can be used to treat each unique client.

PLUS, you'll get bonus content on Advanced Adaptations for EMDR and Self-of-the-Therapist training you won't find anywhere else.

When you register and join Arielle and Megan, you'll receive a clear clinical roadmap that covers everything from the first session to the last, ensuring you have a solid foundation in EMDR. You'll also have access to video demonstrations of techniques that you can watch as many times as you need, as well as videos of actual sessions with real clients. PLUS, you'll get printable assessments, scales, scripts, and more to make your therapy sessions easier and more effective.

Arielle and Megan come together for deep-dive conversations throughout the entire course, giving you an inside look into the minds of these two masters, and a head start on your journey to providing safe and effective EMDR therapy.

This course is designed to work for you and help simplify your schedule, so you can provide the highest standard of care to your clients. You can access the training materials online, at your own pace, and from the comfort of your own home, office, or even through our app. You can also revisit the materials as often as you need to reinforce your learning.
You'll Learn...

This course was designed to make getting robust EMDR training easier and more affordable than ever before, with step-by-step instruction, demonstrations, and more for each treatment phase of EMDR
Everything You Need to Know Before Starting EMDR

  • How and why the 8-phase model is so effective
  • Reorganizing Dissociation to build bridges to our clients
  • How to Cultivate Nervous System Regulation
  • Practice Exercises: co-regulation, mind-body awareness, and more

Phase 1: The EMDR Protocol: Step-by-Step Instructions for Each Phase

Assessment, History Taking, Conducting the Clinical Interview, and History Taking Tools to gain skills to overcome challenges when working with implicit, explicit, false, and fragmented memories. Know how to conceptualize cases and create treatment plans for any type of trauma (single-incident, chronic, and complex). Get scripts for specific questions to ask during the assessment interview and access to diverse assessments and screens to make the first session of therapy easier and faster.
Phase 2: The Preparation Phase & Resource Development

Learn how to help clients develop skills to begin regulating their nervous systems so they can do trauma processing. You'll learn new interventions from creative arts, parts work, cognitive, somatic, and other interventions to customize resourcing for each unique client. Introduce bilateral stimulation and dual awareness to your clients.

Practice: Virtual bilateral stimulation exercises — visual, sound, & tapping
Skill practice: Relational resourcing, Anchoring the Self, Somatic Skill Building

***Use Phase 1 and 2 tools immediately with clients and instantly upgrade your trauma treatment!

Phases 3 & 4: Developing Targets, Desensitization & Reprocessing

Watch a demo of a full EMDR session so you can start doing deep trauma work that targets and desensitizes clients to traumatic memories, reframes negative beliefs, and moves them toward an empowered trauma narrative. Gain enhanced skills to work with dissociation and heightened emotional dysregulation. Know what to do if clients need to return to an earlier phase of treatment with skills to modify and incorporate somatic interventions into these phases.

Clinical Vignette: Anna, complex trauma, memory of terror at a childhood party
Demo: A Full EMDR Processing Session

EMDR Phases 3-8: Overcoming Challenges and Roadblocks

Navigate the most challenging aspects of trauma treatment with crucial EMDR skills. You'll learn how to cut through blocked areas, keep clients going when they "hit a wall," anticipate what's going to come up in therapy, and know what to do to modify EMDR for time-limited or incomplete sessions — PLUS, get skills to adapt EMDR to chronic pain and other problems.

***Instruction on Phases 3 through 8 is meant to be supplemented by practice and group consultation.
See FAQs: Will I be ready to use EMDR after this training course for more details.

Advanced EMDR Adaptations

Join your trainers as they jump into real-client sessions and demonstrate single-session work with Kathy (a survivor of sexual abuse) and ongoing client therapy work with Wendy (diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder and a history of self-harm). In these real-world cases, you'll learn techniques and interventions related to co-regulation, parts work, dismantling client defenses, cultivating dual attention and awareness, and more.
Self of the Therapist: Build a Commitment to Self-Care & Cultivate Vicarious Resilience

Learn self-care practices that you can use before, during, and after intense client sessions to keep you feeling invigorated, refreshed, and ready for your next clients. Plus, you'll learn how to cultivate vicarious resilience for both you and your clients.
EMDR from Start to Finish:
The Complete Foundational Training for Treating PTSD and Complex Trauma

$1,654.90 Value
Yours for only $299.99!
Plus, earn up to 35.75 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for CE credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline
BONUS! $404.95 Value, Yours Free!
Take your EMDR training a step further with these exclusive trainings
EMDR for Trauma & Addiction

Gain the skills to simultaneously treat trauma and addiction, safely. Learn how to use EMDR to reduce clients' urges, decrease cravings, process substance-related memories, and lower the risk of relapseā€¦ all while processing trauma.

Virtual EMDR

Get safe, simple, and straightforward strategies to use EMDR through telehealth platforms. You'll learn how to manage potential safety risks, monitor and manage clients' reactions, and maximize therapist-to-client attunement through video sessions.

EMDR for Grief & Mourning

Help break your clients free of the complex cycle of pain related to sudden and traumatic losses. Gain skills that reduce intrusive images, avoidant tendencies, hyper-aroused states, and more - to process grief and find meaning.

Integrating EMDR into Parts Work & Somatic Therapy
Arielle Schwartz, PhD, CCTP-II, E-RYT

Learn to integrate effective strategies from parts work and somatic therapy to help treat your clients with Complex PTSD. Gain specific skills to help clients who've experienced narcissistic abuse or suffered at the hands of emotionally abusive parents.

The Post-Traumatic Growth Guidebook
by Arielle Schwartz

The uniquely interactive format of this book calls for journaling and self-reflection, with practices that guide you beyond the pain of your past and help you discover a sense of meaning and purpose in your life. This healing guide provides a step-by-step approach to trauma recovery that integrates:

  • Mindfulness & yoga
  • Somatic psychology
  • EMDR therapy
  • Parts work therapy
  • Relational therapy

EMDR from Start to Finish
The Complete Foundational Training for
Treating PTSD and Complex Trauma

$1,654.90 Value
Yours for only $299.99!

Plus, earn up to 35.75 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for CE credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline
Meet Your EMDR Experts

Megan Salar
Megan Salar, LCSW, ACADC, CCTP-II, EMDR-C, is a Certified EMDR clinician and trainer with extensive training and expertise in treating trauma and addiction. Megan's introductory EMDR training has been taken by more than 70,000 clinicians, helping them treat diverse clients healing from trauma, abuse, attachment problems, and substance abuse. Megan is the author of the celebrated EMDR Workbook for Trauma and PTSD: Skills to Manage Triggers, Move Beyond Traumatic Memories, and Take Back Your Life released by New Harbinger Publications. Megan has presented at distinguished international conferences in Amsterdam, India, Italy, and more.

Click here for information about Megan Salar

Arielle Schwartz
Arielle Schwartz, PhD, CCTP-II, E-RYT, is a clinical psychologist, internationally sought-out EMDR teacher, therapeutic yoga instructor, and leading voice in the healing of PTSD and complex trauma. Dr. Schwartz approaches her EMDR training with an emphasis on integrating somatic, parts work, and mindfulness-based interventions in clinical practice. She is the author of six books based upon her integrative, mind-body approach to trauma recovery: The Complex PTSD Workbook; The Post Traumatic Growth Guidebook; A Practical Guide to Complex PTSD; EMDR Therapy and Somatic Psychology; The Complex PTSD Treatment Manual, and Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma Recovery. Her unique blend of spirituality and science can be found in her writings, guided trauma recovery programs, and applied Polyvagal Theory in yoga for trauma recovery.

Click here for information about Arielle Schwartz
Frequently Asked Questions

This course is intended to be a very comprehensive starting point giving you everything you need to learn about using EMDR. And as a licensed professional, you are responsible for making decisions on your scope of practice, comfort level, and ability to apply therapeutic techniques with clients. Our trainers designed this program so you can start using all the valuable tools from Phases 1 and 2 they share right away with clients — enhancing your practice even if you never take another step toward EMDR mastery. However, our trainers stress the importance of practice and ongoing consultation hours with an experienced EMDR practitioner if you plan on utilizing Phases 3 to 8 to avoid common pitfalls and ensure you are implementing safely and effectively.

Whether you're looking for some powerful tools you can use right away or taking the first step in a journey to becoming an EMDR-certified therapist, this course has it all!

Our experts have put together a course that integrates didactic lectures with practical step-by-step, and session-by-session instruction with various clients, disorders, and types of trauma. Plus you get "behind-the-scenes" footage of Megan and Arielle having in-depth clinical conversations about their clients, approaches, and more.

And as a special bonus, you have immediate access to incredible bonus trainings — on grief, virtual EMDR, addiction, integrating EMDR with other modalities, and so much more!

EMDR provides a clinical roadmap to compassionately explore and treat your clients' trauma without re-triggering pain that can de-rail treatment or even cause clients to withdraw from therapy. Importantly, EMDR is one of the most scientifically validated and evidenced-based trauma treatments ever developed.

Don't just take it from us, EMDR is one of the most effective trauma treatments by internationally respected trauma treatment facilities. In fact, EMDR has the highest recommendation across most clinical practice guidelines, including the Veterans Affairs/Department of Defense (VA/DoD) Clinical Practice Guideline for Management of PTSD, the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS), United Kingdom's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, and Australian National Health and Medical Research Council. The American Psychological Association (APA) gave EMDR a conditional rating.

You're most of the way there. These 36 hours fulfill all didactic requirements to become a Certified EMDR Clinician (EMDR-C) through Evergreen Certifications. To take the next step toward certification, complete 6 practice hours to improve your confidence and competence in delivering EMDR therapy, PLUS 10 hours of group consultation with an approved Evergreen EMDR consultant to ensure you get the feedback and support you need once you start using EMDR in actual sessions. Visit Evergreen Certified EMDR Clinician for more details or to line up practice and consultation hours with an approved consultant!

*This program is not affiliated with EMDRIA and does not lead to any credits or certifications through EMDRIA.

No, this program is not affiliated with EMDRIA and does not lead to any credits or certifications through EMDRIA. But here's the good news -- you are not required to learn EMDR therapy through a training provider affiliated with EMDRIA. As a licensed therapist, you have the freedom to pursue EMDR training from a variety of reputable sources, including those recognized by other professional organizations. This training meets the high standards established by our course directors, Evergreen Certifications and their advisory board.

Immediately upon purchase, you'll get unlimited access to video trainings, demonstrations, worksheets, scripts, and more!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Register for this intensive training course without risk. If you're not completely satisfied, give us a call at 800-844-8260.

We’re that confident you'll find this learning experience to be all that's promised and more than you expected.
EMDR from Start to Finish:
The Complete Foundational Training for Treating PTSD and Complex Trauma

$1,654.90 Value
Yours for only $299.99!
Plus, earn up to 35.75 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for CE credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline

This course is not affiliated with EMDRIA and does not qualify toward EMDRIA credits or training.

NOTE: No additional discounts or coupons may be applied to this course.
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