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2861 - The Transforming Power of Self-Compassion: A New Paradigm for Deeper Healing and Lasting Change

Online Course
Base Price: $149.99 Standard - $359.99 Price with Discount: $75.00

2862 - The Trauma Treatment Revolution: Increase Your Effectiveness with the Latest Advances

Online Course
Base Price: $249.99 CRS Discount Standard - $399.00 Price with Discount: $125.00

2864 - The Two Attention Disorders: Identifying, Diagnosing, and Managing ADHD vs. SCT

Digital Seminar
Created: 08/28/2018
Base Price: $119.99 Price with Discount: $60.00

2865 - The Ultimate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workbook

50+ Self-Guided CBT Worksheets to Overcome Depression, Anxiety, Worry, Anger, Substance Use, Other Problematic Urges, and More

Base Price: $29.99 Price with Discount: $15.00

2868 - The Unique Nature of Opioid Use Disorders: Neuroscience, Co-Occurring Disorders, and Treatment Approaches

Digital Seminar
Created: 02/09/2018
Base Price: $219.99 Price with Discount: $110.00

2869 - The Unwinding Anxiety Card Deck

60 Science-Based Strategies to Break Cycles of Worry and Fear

Base Price: $19.99 Price with Discount: $10.00

2870 - The Upward Spiral: Evidence-Based Neuroscience Approaches for Treating Anxiety, Depression and Related-Disorders

Digital Seminar
Created: 01/26/2021
Base Price: $219.99 Price with Discount: $110.00

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