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What is the difference between digital seminars and online courses?

Online courses contain carefully selected content that is curated for the most advanced comprehension of an educational topic. All online course purchasers have access to exclusive member forums to engage with other professionals. Additionally, online courses may include exclusive live and/or pre-recorded Q&A calls with the presenter and bonus resources such as video downloads, worksheets, PDF downloads and more. For most courses, videos from the course may be downloaded directly to your computer or mobile device to watch at your convenience. The online course format may either offer self-study credit or a combination of live credit (interactive) and self-study credits (home-study/ independent).  This is considered a classroom format.

Digital Seminars are recordings from a live-location seminar. These are usually one-day or two-day events. Purchasers of a digital seminar will receive the program recording and the handout, but will not receive additional videos, bonuses, books, handouts, or chat forum.

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