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Gina Rollo White, MA

Mindful Junkie

Gina Rollo White, MA, is the founder of Mindful Junkie and is broadly recognized as a leading therapeutic mindfulness expert and instructor for first responders and veterans, teaching stress and trauma management using mindfulness interventions. She provides in-agency and in-department workshops across the US using the curriculum she developed. Tactical Brain Training®, Mindfulness for First Responders. She is also a speaker at major first responder conferences across the country, such as International Association of Chiefs of Police, COG Fire Health and Safety Symposium, Southwest Women in Law Enforcement, and Washington DC, Grand Rounds. She lives in the Washington DC, area.

Tactical Brain Training

A Guide to Trauma and Stress Management for First Responders and the Professionals Who Support Them

Gina Rollo White, MA
Publication Date:
Sep 24, 2024
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$29.99 - Standard

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